Barclays in Great Clacton

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Address for Barclays Great Clacton

56 North Road
Great Clacton
CO15 4DE

Tel: 0345 734 5345 central customer services

Opening Times for Barclays Great Clacton

9.30 am
4.30 pm
9.30 am
4.30 pm
9.30 am
4.30 pm
9.30 am
4.30 pm
9.30 am
4.30 pm

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Barclays bank branch, Great Clacton, is conveniently located at 56 North Road, Great Clacton, Clacton-on-sea, Essex, CO15 4DE. For any assistance regarding banking services and inquiries, customers can reach Barclays' central customer services at 0345 734 5345.

The bank branch operates from Monday to Friday, with opening hours starting from 9:30 AM and closing at 4:30 PM. Unfortunately, Saturdays and Sundays are non-operational days for this particular branch.

Barclays Great Clacton offers a multitude of services to cater to its valued customers' financial needs. Here are some of the common services provided by the bank:

1. Savings Accounts: Barclays offers a range of savings accounts with different interest rates and terms. These accounts are designed to help individuals save and grow their money while ensuring accessibility whenever needed.

2. Current Accounts: The bank provides current accounts that allow customers to manage their day-to-day transactions efficiently. These accounts come with various features such as debit cards, mobile banking, and online transfers.

3. Loans and Mortgages: Barclays offers competitive loan and mortgage options to assist customers in acquiring their dream homes or financing other significant investments. With flexible terms, customers can find suitable borrowing options tailored to their specific needs.

4. Insurance: The bank also provides insurance solutions for individuals and businesses, ensuring the protection of assets and mitigating potential risks.

5. Investments: Barclays offers investment services for customers looking to grow their wealth through various investment opportunities. With expert guidance and comprehensive research materials, customers can make informed decisions and maximize their returns.

6. Financial Planning: The bank's financial advisors are available to help customers create personalized financial plans tailored to their goals and aspirations. They provide guidance on retirement planning, investment strategies, and estate management.

7. Foreign Currency Services: For travelers or individuals working on international transactions, the bank provides foreign currency exchange and international payment services, offering convenience and competitive rates.

Barclays Great Clacton strives to provide a comprehensive banking experience, combining traditional banking methods with digital innovation to meet customers' evolving needs.

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